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The future of legacy buildings

Kelvin's foundational technology is the Cozy, a thermostatic radiator enclosure. The Cozy is the launching pad for Hybrid Electrification and Full Electrification of legacy buildings.

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Here’s what’s coming at Kelvin

Kelvin is decarbonizing the world’s legacy buildings right now.

At Kelvin, we’re quickly installing The Cozy, our foundational product. But we’re not stopping there. The future is Hybrid Electrification. Pairing the Cozy with our heat pump and thermal battery enables 80% decarbonization for 20% of the cost. Hybrid Electrification is a combination of modular hardware and software that is quickly deployed. As a result, Kelvin is able to efficiently decarbonize buildings in a way that ensures lower energy costs savings, comfort control, and less carbon emissions. 


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