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Meet The Cozy

Goodbye, overheated buildings.
Hello, comfort and control.

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  • Simple to install and does not interfere with a
    building's plumbing
  • Provides real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Tenants can control the temperature of each room
  • Results in comfort, cost savings, and
    lower-emission buildings

Room level temperature control at your fingertips

The Cozy is an insulated radiator cover that distributes heat with maximum efficiency to prevent overheating and waste in legacy buildings. This convenient, retrofit solution thermodynamically manipulates the steam condensation rate in radiators and balances a building’s steam distribution network.

How The Cozy works

How The Cozy works

Easy Installation

Once in place, the Cozy system more efficiently direct steam where it's needed - colder rooms. Making the building more comfortable overall without unnecessarily overheating.

Comfort & Control

When the Cozy senses a room needs heat, a quiet fan begins to circulate warm air throughout the room. When the ideal temperature is reached, the fan turns off to prevent overheating and maintain comfort.

Efficient Operation

The Cozy makes efficient use of radiator heat trapped inside of it, creating a thermal battery that it can draw from. This keeps temperatures consistent and prevents a waste of energy, emissions, and money.

A Cozy for every radiator

Our retrofit solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Each metal Cozy is custom made to meet the exact specifications of your building’s heating system. Whether you have cast iron radiators, wall-mounted units, recessed convectors, or baseboard heaters, our goal is to design and install insulated radiator enclosures that meet your needs.


Cast Iron Radiator


Wall Mount

Recessed Convector

Recessed Convector



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Real buildings,
real results

Kelvin has successfully installed more than 10,000 intelligent HVAC solutions in legacy buildings over the last 10 years.

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