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hyrbid electrifcation
  • Meets 60-80% of space-heating requirements plus 100% cooling needs.

  • Controllable via thermostat which bundles demand response for municipal fuels and electricity.

  • Up to 80% less expensive than traditional electrification strategies, available with zero upfront cost to customers with a service model.

  • Significantly reduced onsite carbon emissions
  • Local Law 97 Fine Avoidance
  • Residents can control the temperature of each room
  • Results in comfort, cost savings, and
    lower-emission buildings

Hybrid Electrification Benefits

Heat pumps replace less energy-efficient window/sleeve air conditioners to provide baseline heat for most of the winter and cooling in summer. Cozy-enabled radiators will provide supplemental heat when outdoor temperatures drop, energy pricing or demand response events call for it.

How Hybrid Electrification Works

How Hybrid Electrification Works

Step 1: Install Cozy

The Cozy makes efficient use of radiator heat trapped inside of it, creating a thermal battery that it can draw from. This keeps temperatures consistent and prevents a waste of energy, emissions, and money.

Step 2: Install Heat Pump and Thermal Battery

Very simple and quick installation with no invasive construction and a
form factor that residents are familiar with and understand

Step 3: Integrate with Building Controls

Controllable via thermostat which bundles demand response for municipal fuels and electricity.

Hybrid Electrification For All Types Of Radiators

Compatible with Radiator Distribution Systems
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Cast Iron Radiator

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Wall Mount

Recessed Convector

Recessed Convector



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