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What can buildings do in the summer to get...

In New York City, heating season starts on October 1st. From October 1 through May 31, New York City [...]

Thought Leadership

How exactly does a Cozy distribute heat?

The Cozy, technically known as a thermostatic radiator enclosure (TRE), is a proven way to save ener [...]


Warming Trend

Eleven years after its founding in Columbia dorms by Marshall Cox PhD’13, Intelligent HVAC company K [...]


Proptech Beelines for Federal Funds to Retrofit Government Properties

Washington's willing to spend nearly $2 billion to green its own buildings, including turning dozens [...]

Thought Leadership

How many Cozys do you need to install in...

Kelvin’s Cozy is a smart radiator cover that improves energy efficiency in multifamily and commercia [...]

Thought Leadership

What are the costs of Boiler Controllers, TRVs, and...

In a previous article, the technical differences between TRVs and Cozys were discussed. In this arti [...]

Thought Leadership

How Does the Cozy Integrate with a Boiler Controller?

In this article, we answer how Kelvin’s Cozy integrates with boiler controllers and whether the choi [...]

Thought Leadership

What’s the difference between TRVs and Smart Radiator Covers?

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and Smart Radiator Covers (also referred to as Thermostatic radi [...]

Thought Leadership

How Can Coops Comply with Local Law 97?

Complying with Local Law 97 can be a significant challenge for older NYC coops, as it requires a sub [...]

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