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Kelvin is solving the overheating of legacy buildings with insulated radiator covers, heat pumps, and more. Discover the benefits of our quick and easy retrofit installations available at zero-cost up front.

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Retrofit solutions for radiator-heated buildings

For over a decade, Kelvin has delivered quick and easy retrofit installations for older buildings, providing heating controls per apartment and lowering fuel bills for owners.


Tenant Experience & Safety

Allow building tenants to enjoy superior comfort, room level temperature controls, and a sleek design that safely enhances their space.


Sustainability & Savings

Monitor systems, measure savings and reduce carbon emissions; exceed targets for local sustainability laws using the Kelvin analytics.


Easy Retrofit Installations

The quick and non-disruption installation process means that owners can rapidly deploy Kelvin’s retrofit solutions building-wide.

Apartment bedroom with a radiator beneath a window

Enjoy comfort and control with The Cozy

Kelvin’s foremost solution for radiator-heated buildings. A revolution in radiator heating, The Cozy is an insulated radiator cover that distributes heat with maximum efficiency to prevent overheating and waste in older buildings.

Save money and energy with Kelvin systems

Available with zero-cost upfront with monthly subscription, which is covered by energy savings.

We care deeply about our work and recommend solutions that are in the best interest of our clients. We stick by our clients, ensuring maximum savings, energy reduction, policy compliance, comfort and overall building improvement over time. Kelvin’s intelligent heating and cooling solutions are available with zero-cost upfront with monthly subscription, which is covered by energy savings.

Awards & Recognition

Since 2011, Kelvin has been designing and installing intelligent HVAC systems that decarbonize legacy buildings in major cities.

Are you ready to save money and energy?

Find out if your property is eligible and learn more about the available utility rebates and state incentives.

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