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Intelligent heating & cooling for multifamily buildings

Our innovative modular solutions enable you to save money, reduce carbon emissions, and meet local sustainability law targets.

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Elegant but uncomfortable: the drawbacks of legacy buildings

In New York City alone, nearly $2 billion worth of gas is wasted due to inefficient heating.

Typically built before 1980, legacy buildings use steam or hot water radiators for heating and lack central air conditioning ducts. While these buildings are stunning and well-built, they’re also notorious for being unbearably overheated during the winter months. With no way to control the output, residents are then forced to open windows to reduce the temperature in their space, which is wasteful, expensive and uncomfortable.

Additionally, when the fuel used to heat these buildings is burned, it emits gasses and particles, putting tenants at risk for potential health issues. At Kelvin, our mission goes well beyond comfort and control to an even larger goal of decarbonizing the world’s legacy buildings and improving the health of residents in urban environments.

The road to hybrid electrification

Intelligent HVAC

Most legacy buildings in big cities aren’t ready for 100% electrification. That’s why we’ve turned our focus to developing intelligent, easy-to-install hybrid electrification solutions for these popular living spaces. Hybrid Electrification adds a window or sleeve heat pump and thermal battery alongside the Cozy.

The Cozy smart radiator cover enables buildings to drastically reduce carbon emissions now without taking on unnecessary costs. It provides opportunities to monitor assets, measure savings, and craft data-driven strategies for building operations with real-time controls.

As we look to the future and strive for our overall mission of decarbonization, we’re launching Hybrid Electrification. This adds a window or sleeve heat pump and thermal battery alongside the Cozy. which provides 80% of the benefits of full electrification for 10% of the cost.

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Kelvin has successfully installed more than 10,000 intelligent HVAC solutions in legacy buildings over the last 10 years.

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