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How many Cozys do you need to install in a building?
How many Cozys do you need to install in a building?

Kelvin’s Cozy is a smart radiator cover that improves energy efficiency in multifamily and commercial buildings by improving the distribution of heat throughout the building. The Cozy works on all radiator types – cast iron, recessed convectors, or baseboards. The Cozy also works for one-pipe, two-pipe, metro steam, and hydronic heating distribution systems. 

One frequently asked question is: how many Cozys do you need to install in a building? 

Achieving Optimal Efficiency: The 75% Rule

Interestingly, to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings, the Cozy should be installed on about 75% of radiators. The Cozy does not have to be installed on 100% of radiators to maximize energy savings. Based on Kelvin’s experience and years of data, we have determined that after 75% radiator coverage, energy savings begins to plateau. Yes, more Cozys will generate more energy savings, but the most cost-efficient way to save money and reduce carbon emissions is to cover 75% of the radiators. 

Crunching the Numbers: Cozy’s Impact on Heating Costs

On average, the Cozy saves 25.5% on heating costs. Exact savings may be calculated using the New York State Technical Resource Manual. Using an example building, the graph below shows how energy savings begins to level off after installing the Cozy on 75% of radiators. The green dot is the 75% installation point. Covering 75% of the radiators in a building is very straightforward, and may be accomplished by covering the radiators in living rooms and bedrooms. Typically, radiators in kitchens and bathrooms are skipped since they’re usually smaller and contribute less to heating (and overheating!). The blue dot on the graph is the 60% installation mark. Covering at least 60% of the radiators is required to receive current utility incentives. 

Ready to Unlock Savings?

Do you want to know how much energy you can save? Contact Kelvin for an energy analysis of your building.