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What can buildings do in the summer to get ready for the winter?
What can buildings do in the summer to get ready for the winter?

In New York City, heating season starts on October 1st. From October 1 through May 31, New York City building owners must maintain an indoor temperature of at least 68 degrees between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when it’s below 55 degrees outside. From 10 pm to 6 am, indoor temperature must be at least 62 degrees regardless of the temperature outside. What can buildings do in the summer to get ready for the winter?

If you’re a building owner here are the top 5 things you can do to get your building ready for the winter. Preparing steam-heated buildings for winter involves several maintenance and operational tasks to ensure efficient heating and comfortable residents during the colder months.

  1. Boiler maintenance:

    The boiler is the critical component of a steam heating system. Summer is an ideal time to inspect and maintain the boiler to ensure it is in good working condition. This may involve cleaning, repairing, or replacing any damaged parts, checking for leaks, and testing the overall performance. 
  2. Pipe inspection and insulation:

    Inspecting the steam distribution pipes during the summer is important to identify and address any leaks or issues with insulation. Properly insulated pipes can prevent heat loss, increasing the system’s energy efficiency. Anytime before the winter season starts is an excellent time to identify and seal any air leaks around doors, windows, and other openings. A well-sealed building will retain heat better during the winter and reduce wasted energy. 
  3. Energy audits:

    If you have not already done so, conduct an energy audit to identify areas where the building’s energy efficiency can be improved. Implementing energy-saving measures can lead to significant cost reductions during winter.
  4. Review maintenance contracts:

    If the building outsources maintenance tasks, review and renew contracts with maintenance service providers to ensure they are ready to provide timely support during the winter season.
  5. Install Cozys:

    Covering 75% of the radiators in a building with Cozys will reduce energy consumption by 25% or more during the heating season. For steam heated buildings, Cozys are the fastest way to reduce energy consumption.  

By proactively addressing these tasks during the summer, steam heated buildings will be better equipped to handle the demands of winter, improve energy efficiency, and maintain a comfortable environment for residents. Reach out to Kelvin to learn more.