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5 Ways The Cozy Elevates Your NYC Living Experience
5 Ways The Cozy Elevates Your NYC Living Experience

Living in New York City’s diverse range of apartments often comes with unique architectural features and a sense of history. However, this can sometimes mean compromising on modern comforts, such as consistent temperature control. Kelvin’s innovative product, The Cozy, aims to address this challenge, bringing a blend of tradition and modern efficiency to any apartment. But what exactly is The Cozy, and how does it work? Here are 5 ways the Cozy elevates your NYC living experience.

Understanding The Cozy

The Cozy is an insulating enclosure designed to fit seamlessly over existing radiators, trapping the warm air inside, and giving residents control over their comfort. It operates with precision: when the system detects a room’s need for warmth, a small fan activates, circulating this captured warm air throughout the space. Once the desired temperature is attained, the fan deactivates, ensuring the trapped heat prevents any potential overheating. The outcome? Optimal room comfort, substantial cost savings, and a notable reduction in building carbon emissions.

1. Smart Control and Comfort Right at Your Fingertips

Embrace the digital future with The Cozy. Using its intuitive app, you can effortlessly adjust your room’s temperature with the touch of a button or from your smartphone. Whether returning to your apartment on a frosty winter day or winding down on in the low light of winter, achieve your ideal room ambiance with just a tap.

2. Stylish Design for the Modern New Yorker

Every New Yorker understands the significance of optimizing space without compromising aesthetics. The Cozy’s sleek, modern design not only accentuates your apartment’s unique character but also acts as a contemporary enhancement. Replace those outdated, bulky radiators with this chic addition that seamlessly integrates into your home. And provides an additional shelf.  5 Ways The Cozy Elevates Your NYC Living Experience

3. Fewer Maintenance Calls & Heating Complaints

For residents, The Cozy is not just about optimizing room temperature; it’s about ensuring a stress-free living environment. Imagine a winter where you don’t have to call building maintenance repeatedly due to heating issues. With The Cozy installed, buildings have seen a dramatic 85% drop in such maintenance calls. This means fewer disruptions for you and a more reliable heating system at your disposal. Furthermore, the feedback speaks for itself. A remarkable 95% reduction in heating complaints has been observed, ensuring residents like you are more comfortable and content in your homes. With The Cozy, you can look forward to quieter, cozier winters without the hassle and elevate your NYC experience.  cozy and cat

4. Simple Installation, Long-Term Benefits

For building owners, updating apartments in legacy buildings can be daunting, both in terms of time and finances. The Cozy offers a hassle-free solution. Within a mere  hour, without any disruptive alterations, aradiator undergoes a transformative makeover. Plus, with its impressive 15-year lifespan, this investment guarantees longevity.5 Ways The Cozy Elevates Your NYC Living Experience

5. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient

The Cozy is more than just a product—it’s a symbol of progress. As of March 2023, over 120 buildings have been retrofitted and more than 15,000 Cozys have been sold. Adopters have seen an impressive average of 30% savings on heating costs. The hybrid electrification design of The Cozy facilitates an 80% decarbonization, but here’s the kicker—it achieves this at just 10% of the usual cost. When compared to thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), Cozys optimize energy use and diminish heating costs by an astonishing 400%, as backed by data from the New York State Technical Resource Manual. This isn’t just a promise; it’s proven performance, reinforcing sustainable living with concrete numbers.

Ready to join the movement and enhance your living experience? 

The first step is understanding your building’s carbon footprint. Co-ops should begin by assessing their current carbon emissions to identify the baseline and gauge the reduction required to be compliant with local laws. This assessment entails gathering energy consumption data, pinpointing high-emission zones, and evaluating building systems. Don’t know where to start? Kelvin can assist you. Contact your building manager or co-op board today to get started on this vital assessment. Remember, Kelvin provides this service free of charge. It’s time to bridge the gap between historical charm and modern luxury.