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How Does the Cozy Integrate with a Boiler Controller?
How Does the Cozy Integrate with a Boiler Controller?

In this article, we answer how Kelvin’s Cozy integrates with boiler controllers and whether the choice of a specific boiler controller impacts functionality of the Cozy or energy efficiency. 

Kelvin’s Cozy is a retrofit solution that covers radiators to improve the energy efficiency of steam heating systems in multifamily and commercial buildings. The Cozy consists of a cover, an internal fan, various sensors, and a wireless radio. The Cozy integrates seamlessly with a building’s boiler controller to ensure optimal heat output from the boiler. 

The Cozy integrates with all boiler controllers through the cloud. Data from the Cozy travels to Kelvin’s data centers and then Kelvin has a standard boiler controller API (application programming interface) that exchanges room and radiator temperatures  with the boiler controller for that building. The only requirement is that the boiler controller needs to be internet enabled. 

When the Cozy is integrated with the boiler controller, data from the Cozy is used to modulate the boiler ensuring that the boiler supplies the necessary amount of heat to the spaces in a building. This has two main benefits: 

  1. Maximum Energy Efficiency: The Cozy data is used to modulate the boiler valves based on real-time occupancy and temperature data. This ensures that each room receives the appropriate amount of heat, reducing energy waste and lowering heating costs. This has greater energy efficiency than just installing 25 temperature sensors around a building.

  2. Comfort Enhancement: The Cozy’s intelligent control system maintains consistent and comfortable temperatures in individual rooms. It eliminates the common issues of overheating or uneven heating, providing occupants with a more pleasant and comfortable environment.

In a building, each Cozy communicates with radio gateways installed by Kelvin using the LoRaWAN protocol. This protocol is the best way to send data in a multifamily or commercial building. From the gateway data travels over the internet to Kelvin and then back down to the boiler controller. 

The Cozy is designed to work with all boiler controllers including those from Entech, Heat Timer, Intech 21, Runwise, Tri-Star, or others. The choice of a specific boiler controller does not impact the Cozy’s functionality. However, the capabilities of the boiler controller itself, such as its modulation range or response time, can affect the overall performance of the heating system.

Integration of the Cozy and the boiler controller can happen independent of each other. The Cozy’s may be installed before or after an internet enabled boiler controller. Once the equipment is in place, the actual integration is made in the cloud. 

If you have questions about your boiler controller or integrating the Cozy with your boiler controller, please contact us to speak with one of our engineers or check out our Building Network Diagram