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Why do New Yorker’s Windows Stay Open in the Winter?
Why do New Yorker’s Windows Stay Open in the Winter?

During any New York winter, there’s a specific sight that only New Yorkers understand — windows wide open across the city. Why do New Yorker’s windows stay open in the winter?

In New York’s older apartments, residents struggle with outdated heating systems that overheat and force most to open their windows in order to allow excessive warm air out of their apartments. Kelvin’s Cozy is a smart solution that modernizes radiators and allows them to work efficiently while simultaneously decarbonizing the building. 

The Cozy is about updating what’s already there and providing a cost-efficient solution with minimal interference with resident’s apartments. Kelvin is on a mission to grant New Yorkers the best of both worlds: the beauty of their historic homes and the comfort of modern living. 

Balancing Progress and Preservation: The Future of Steam Heating in NYC

While once a symbol of progress, these steam systems now present a challenge, as the city’s relentless pursuit of efficiency clashes with the reality of outdated infrastructure. The oversized and improperly calibrated systems, now inadvertently contribute to energy inefficiency. 

Dan Holohan, an expert in heating with decades of expertise, argues that these historical systems hold a key to future efficiency. He believes that, with proper management and innovative adaptation, these steam heaters could meet contemporary energy standards. His perspective is a call to modernize — to leverage existing technologies in a way that aligns with both the city’s heritage and its environmental ambitions.

Kelvin’s Cozy: Realizing Efficiency in Legacy Heating Systems

cozy in room

Kelvin’s Cozy aligns with Dan Holohan’s vision that steam heating, a cornerstone of New York’s architectural legacy, can achieve modern efficiency. It bridges historic infrastructure with current innovation, actualizing the potential for steam heating to be both effective and efficient.

Equipped with smart thermostatic technology, the Cozy revitalizes the traditional networks of pipes and radiators with precision control, allowing for customized heat settings that adapt to individual preferences and the unique characteristics of each space.

Beyond enhancing comfort, the Cozy is designed for peak optimization. It intelligently regulates steam flow and heat distribution, ensuring energy is used judiciously. This not only conserves energy but also aligns with Holohan’s vision of a well-tuned, efficient heating system. the Cozy elevates steam heating to a refined, energy-conscious system for New Yorkers.

Local Law 97 Compliance with The Cozy

local law 97 compliance

Amid new regulations and a growing demand for energy efficiency, the Cozy by Kelvin offers significant benefits. It serves as a tool for New York’s older buildings to align with modern energy standards, effectively responding to the objectives of Local Law 97 and similar environmental regulations.

Local Law 97 sets ambitious goals for reducing carbon emissions, marking a shift away from traditional, high-energy practices. The Cozy addresses this shift by enabling buildings to meet these new legal standards. It provides a practical solution for decarbonization, compatible with the realities of urban living, facilitating a cost-effective approach to building modernization.

Complimentary Energy Analysis

As the city moves towards meeting ambitious energy standards set by Local Law 97, the Cozy stands as a testament to the potential for existing systems to adapt and improve efficiency. Kelvin offers a free energy analysis, laying the groundwork for a smarter, greener future in heating. Take action now to see how your building can benefit from the seamless integration our technology. Contact us.