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Reduce Your Building’s Carbon Emissions With a Non-Invasive Solution
Reduce Your Building’s Carbon Emissions With a Non-Invasive Solution

NYC building owners are currently navigating the challenge of meeting compliance standards for reducing carbon emissions. This mandate is essential for the city’s commitment to sustainability. With regulations like Local Law 97, finding a way to reduce your building’s carbon emissions with a non-invasive solution has become increasingly important. 

For buildings equipped with radiators, the Cozy offers a seamless, non-invasive path to compliance. This innovative solution enhances existing heating systems, ensuring energy efficiency and adherence to emission reduction targets without the need for extensive retrofitting. With the Cozy, building owners can meet NYC’s environmental mandates, while simultaneously reducing your building’s carbon emissions.

Challenges of Invasive Building Retrofitting

Invasive building retrofitting for heating, cooling, and electrification aimed at reducing carbon emissions often involves significant modifications to a building’s systems and structure. Although benefits are great, it can be costly to execute. Some examples include:

Building Envelope Upgrades:

It enhances the building’s insulation, windows, and doors to improve energy retention and reduce the load on heating and cooling systems. This can involve significant structural modifications.

Electrical System Upgrades:

Upgrading the building’s electrical system to accommodate the increased load from electric heating and cooling systems, potentially including the addition of solar panels or other renewable energy sources.

Ventilation System Overhaul:

Installing or upgrading ventilation systems to improve air quality and energy efficiency, which might involve extensive ductwork and could disrupt building operations during the retrofit.

These retrofitting measures are effective in reducing carbon emissions, however they remain invasive due to the construction work required. The potential disruptions to building occupants, and the substantial investment involved can become costly.

The Cozy: A Non-Invasive Solution

The Cozy is a thoughtfully designed, non-invasive solution that revolutionizes how buildings approach heating efficiency. Crafted to seamlessly integrate with existing radiator systems, the Cozy encases traditional radiators in an insulated cover, effectively modernizing the heating system without invasive modifications or extensive downtime.

Non-Invasive Installation 

The Cozy is designed to fit seamlessly over existing radiators. Building owners can upgrade their heating efficiency without the disruptions typically associated with invasive upgrades. There’s no need for structural changes or lengthy installation processes.

Efficient Heat Distribution

Once installed, the Cozy ensures optimal heat distribution throughout the space. It effectively manages the heat output from radiators, reducing energy waste and enhancing the overall comfort of residents.

Minimal Modification Requirement

The Cozy respects the integrity of the building’s original heating infrastructure. By simply enclosing the existing radiator, it avoids the need for any extensive plumbing work or structural alterations.

Cozy-Enabled Buildings Reducing Carbon Emissions

As of today, more than 20,000 Cozys have been sold. These are successfully being used in several NYC Buildings that have significantly reduced their carbon emissions with the help of the cozy.

Reduce Your Building’s Carbon Emissions With a Non-Invasive Solution

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